‘Zero Carbon, Nature Positive’ forms part of Bath & North East Somerset Council’s commitment to tackling the Climate and Ecological Emergencies.

Use this network to join groups where you can share resources and discuss issues on various topics related to the emergencies. Explore our ‘Climate Action’page to read more about the Climate and Ecological Emergencies and how you can act now to make a difference.

The aim of this network is to encourage and enable local groups to collaborate, support each other and share skills.


As a non-member you can view most pages of the Network, but when you sign up and become a Member, you can participate in all the features of the Network.

When you become a Member, please read the 'Terms of Use' before contributing any content to the Network.

Getting Started

Joining the Network: If you are joining the network as an Organisation / Business / Councillor / Council Officer / Community Group, please set up your account using your proper name, your official email address (if you have one) and job title (if applicable). Please be aware that you are representing your organisation in the public domain when using this Network.


Climate Action – Read this page to find out about our priorities for tackling the Climate and Ecological Emergencies.

Community Commitments - This page lists the climate declarations made by other organisations in Bath and North East Somerset. If your organisation is missing please contact us.

Topic Groups - You can join a Topic Group to discuss opportunities in more detail and publicise news that is specifically related to that topic. If you join, you will be informed when new information is published in that Group. Private groups can also be created for specific working groups to share and discuss information, please contact an administrator if you would like to learn more.

Events - You can create an event and invite Members and people from your own email account to join. You can also publicise it through Twitter and Facebook. Or you can make it a private event, that only people you invite will see - great for organising meetings and events that aren't open to everyone.

Blog - Read our blog for up-to-date news and case studies from Bath and North East Somerset, if you have a story you would like to feature on the blog please email: sustainability@bathnes.gov.uk with “ZCNP Blog Pitch” as the subject heading.


Using information from other sources: You can publish text from other websites / sources, but please make sure you reference it at the top; include the Title, name of the website / author, the date it was published and provide a hyperlink back to the source.

Personal Information: Do not post or request anything that contains personal information; telephone numbers, addresses etc outside of contact information presented on your Profile page.

No Promotion: The Network is not to be used for campaigning, electioneering, commercial advertising or promotion of personal interests.

Be Respectful: Of others’ opinions and comments. Racial, religious, or sexual abuse, harassment, or offensive material will not be tolerated. Please report any offensive content to the administrator.

Removal of Posts: If a post is deemed inappropriate under the Terms of Use, it will be removed.

The site moderator can be contacted at Sustainability@Bathnes.gov.uk